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How Reporting a Deer Collision Can Make a Difference

How Reporting a Deer Collision Can Make a Difference15/09/21

Many deer vehicle collisions are going unreported, which means we are only seeing a fraction of the incidents that occur. Currently, we estimated that ten years’ worth of the data collected by DeerAware is likely to be the equivalent of the actual number of deer collisions each year.

Why is this a problem?

An important first step in preventing deer collisions and near misses, is knowing where they are likely to occur. Each year the DeerAware project produces heat maps to help identify hot spot areas where the risk of a collision is noted to be higher. This information can then be used by the authorities involved to consider ways to prevent accidents, including improved signage to alert drivers.

However, with such limited data, areas of concern maybe missed and preventative measures not put in place.  The true scale of the problem remains hidden and open to speculation. If deer numbers are increasing in the UK as has been suggested by some organisations, then it is important to understand how this can impact drivers and reporting is key.

How You Can Help

The DeerAware website offers a form for the public to submit information on deer vehicle collisions.  This information goes anonymously into our data records and subsequent mapping. If you have been involved in an incident, please try to send us a report afterwards, to help with hotspot mapping.

Click to report an incident on DeerAware

Please note, if you are involved in a collision, you should try to follow the safety advice on the Deer Aware website and if required, report the incident to the police.  However, this reporting focuses only on incidents. What if you experience a near miss or spot a deer on the side of the road?  What then?

Well, there is a solution.  If you have a smartphone you can use the BDS Deer App to record these types of sightings and others. These reports are sent to and held by the British Deer Society and shared anonymously with organisations working to reduce deer collisions across the UK.

As a partner in the DeerAware project, the British Deer Society also share this data.

To find out more and download the app visit:

Highways England, RSPCA, Scottish Natural Heritage, Funded by Welsh Government, The Deer Initiative Highways England, RSPCA, Scottish Natural Heritage, Funded by Welsh Government, The Deer Initiative